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White Gloves Moving sends shipments all over the world. Whether you want a quick service by air shipment or to send your shipment via ocean freight, whether you have a small shipment or a full container load with your household goods, we can move you.

Our moving crews are well trained with packing and loading international shipments. Packing and wrapping international shipments is very different from local or interstate moves. Some of the packing materials are different and the packing has to be done very tightly and be well padded to save space and to allow for safe travel over thousands of miles.

Our office staff provides organized and clear paperwork. Proper paperwork is essential for a good and smooth international move; the customs and port authorities at your destination country must receive all papers in a specific order. We will update you electronically on shipment’s status throughout the moving process.

All around the world, our dedicated team of employees and representatives are there for you. From pre-move planning to clearing customs at your destination, our international movers will help you every step of the way


​Within 24-hours of your call to White Gloves Moving, your worldwide move will be assigned to a move coordinator, a highly trained expert whose job is to keep you informed and to orchestrate every element of your relocation. Your move coordinator will oversee your entire move, from developing your estimate to helping you prepare for customs requirements in your destination country.

We’ll give you a hand in settling in with thoughtful unpacking procedures that make your life easy. Plus, we’ll perform a careful inspection and inventory of all your items and clean up packing materials and debris. And in case you’re not fluent in the local language yet, an English-speaking crew leader specially trained to assist international moves will be there to greet you

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